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Protect your purpose.

October 20, 2017   |   , ,

Week 3 of the Purpose Series.
When you begin to live on purpose, the enemy fears you!

There is no greater threat to the enemy than followers of Christ who know their purpose and begin to step out and walk in it.  The enemy is a liar and he will whisper lies to you about your purpose and your ability to fulfill it. You never need to be afraid because God is with you.  But you should be aware of how your enemy operates so you can protect yourself from attack.

The lies we believe about God, ourselves and others is the number one reason most of us fail to walk into the destiny God purposed for us.  It’s time to break through those lies, stand up to our doubts and fears, and follow God out of our comfort zones into the great things he has in store.

Download week 3 devotionals here.