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Freely forgive.

December 15, 2017   |   , , ,

A Life You’ll Love Series

Bonus Session.

Have you ever held on to an offense longer than you should have?

When people hurt us through their actions and words, it can sometimes be really difficult to extend them grace and freely forgive. Especially if they are unwilling to admit that they’ve harmed us and take responsibility for their actions.

We feel like if we forgive then we are letting them off the hook.

Listen… you don’t have to wait for someone else to free you.  Jesus frees you and God will deal with the rest.

But if we are going to live free we have to learn to let those hurts and offenses go and move on with our lives. Holding on to hurt is so incredibly harmful. It eats away at us from the inside. When we forgive we are not setting someone else free so much as we are being set free ourselves.

One of the ways we hold ourselves back from living a life we would love is by withholding forgiveness from others. But when I think of all that God has done for me… how he reached out in love and pursued me with grace that I didn’t deserve. He set me free and empowered me by his grace to forgive others, even when it’s hard.  Those who are freely forgiven must learn to freely forgive.