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Don’t give up.

August 12, 2017   |   ,

God’s word is full of amazing promises for his people.  He is a covenant making, promise keeping, faithful Heavenly Father who longs to pour out his blessing on his children.  But sometimes I think we struggle in life because we fail to do the investigative work to find the promises from his word for our specific needs.  And, sometimes I wonder if we do know the promises, but we give up too easily and allow doubt, fear and unbelief to creep in and keep us from holding on for the answer.  Sometimes the answer comes quickly, but sometimes we have to hold on.

Maybe there is a promise you’ve been holding on to for a while… a word God settled in your heart for your life or your family.  But it feels like you’ve been waiting for a really long time and the answer isn’t coming.  I want to encourage you today to hold on and keep believing.