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Closing the gap.

November 2, 2017   |   , ,

In John 10:10 Jesus made a bold statement to his followers. He said that he had come to give us life to the fullest or more abundantly.

This is a promise, and we know this abundant life is available to us through the finished work of Jesus Christ, an amazing life… one that we would absolutely LOVE. But our reality is that we often are not experiencing “life to the fullest” in every area of life.

This life is rightfully ours, the freedom and fullness that Jesus provided for us as children of God, but it’s also a responsibility that we must steward wisely.

So today we start the series by asking… the question if you were experiencing life to the fullest, what would be different about your life?

Would your finances be in order?

Would you be healed in your physical body?

Would your relationships be reconciled and at peace?

Would your kids be serving God?

Would you be free from anxiety or depression?

In what area of life do you need to close the gap between the promise and your reality?


A note about this series.  When I was a young bible school student my life was changed by the teachings of Pastor Charles Neiman.  Later in life, through the online resources provided by the Abundant Living Faith Centre in El Paso, Texas I’ve been able to follow along with his teachings.  He has become a pastor to me from afar and I have learned much from his ministry.  This series is loosed based on a teaching series Pastor Charles did in January 2017 that helped me to put into words some things I had been struggling to articulate for a long time.  Thank you, Pastor Charles, for your relentless integrity as a pastor, leader and faith teacher.  Your obedience makes us all better.