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Faith for the next generation.

August 29, 2017   |   ,

If you are a parent who came to faith later in life, it’s likely you carry some guilt and remorse about the past. I bet if you had known about God sooner you would have done things a bit differently and raised your kids in the way of faith. This short video is an encouragement to parents to trust in the promises of God for you and your household. There are many promises in God’s word for us as parents, and one from the story of David is particularly encouraging.

God promises that as our hearts are fixed on him and we begin to reprioritize our lives around a passion for building his house, he turns his attention towards building our house. As you rearrange your life around the principles of faith it will have an effect on the next generation. It’s never too late to make a change!

You can read about this promise for David’s household in 1 Chronicles 17