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Ineke’s story.

By June 14, 2018Stories

Here at The Prayer Collective we get so excited when we hear stories of how God is at work in people’s everyday lives answering their prayers. We believe that when we share our miraculous stories with others it builds faith and ignites hope in the hearts of those who read it. What God does for one, he is willing and able to do for all.

Today we want to share Ineke’s story of healing with you…

One day during my personal devotional time with the Lord he gave me a vision. I saw myself reading my bible and suddenly it became pitch dark and I felt the house shaking like it was an earthquake. I heard the Lord say, “Read all the scriptures about healing… forget all the other ones and read only the healing scriptures”

I did what God told me, and through meditating on them they became alive to me and faith started to grow in my heart for healing. Not long after this happened I found a black spot on my arm that started to grow quickly and within a few months it was quite large and was starting bleeding. I was scheduled for a surgery to remove the growth and a biopsy was performed to diagnose the exact cause.

After 4 weeks of waiting the result was stage 4 Melanoma and the surgeon told us this was very serious as this is an aggressive form of cancer that can go through your whole body, even to your brain. When he said those words, faith rose up inside of me and immediately the words came out of my mouth, “No it will not, the Lord is taking care of me.”

I heard the words the doctor said but I did not accept this bad report in my heart. My husband and I prayed together and nullified the words that were spoken over me. Instead we began to speak out the report of Jesus and what we had been learning in His Word. I’m so glad we had this to hold on to.

Psalm 107:20 God sent His word and healed me and delivered me from destruction.

Proverbs 4:22 God’s word is life and health to a man’s whole body.

Jerermiah 1:12 I am alert and active watching over My Word to perform it.

The next step was to see a doctor at Juravinski Hospital but we had to wait 4 weeks to get in! During those weeks we continued to speak scripture and pray The Word over my life and health. The doctor at Juravinski had the same report but with an even stronger warning to prepare for the worst, stage 4 Melanoma is inoperable and ultimately will lead to death. Just as strongly as this warning came I replied even stronger, “No, the Lord is taking care of me.” The doctor looked at me strangely.

She scheduled a scan and an MRI to determine how much the cancer had spread and what our next steps of action would be. Once again we went home to wait for three more long weeks. During this time I was bombarded with fear from the enemy and had fight a spiritual battle for my mind. My mother and all of her 6 sisters died of cancer. The voice of the enemy was loud but the voice of my heavenly Father was louder still.

For those three weeks my husband and I continued to declare the word of the Lord for healing and cancelled the predictions of the doctor over my life.

When we finally walked into the appointment to hear the results of the scan we were amazed. Both the scan and MRI were completely clear, no cancer cells were found. I give all the praise and glory to Jesus my Healer!!


We are so inspired by Ineke’s story and in particular the vision God gave her to set her mind on His Word and focus on scriptures for healing. Click here to find a pdf of healing scriptures that you can use to speak out and pray over your own life if you are believing for a healing too. The Bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. As we read His Word and meditate on it daily, the Holy Spirit reveals truth to us and it becomes settled deep inside our hearts. Our faith to believe for what the scriptures say about us grows and becomes more influential in our lives than what anyone else could ever say.

If you are believing for a healing we would love to stand with you in prayer. Please click here to fill out a simple form and submit your prayer request. We will take all the prayer requests that come in to our monthly prayer meetings and pray over them with a group of faith filled women.

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