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Texting is talking.

November 24, 2017   |   ,

A Life You’ll Love
Session Four

Our words have the power to bring life or death to someone. We always need to be careful what we say because our words can go far beyond the moment they are spoken.

In this session I want to give us all a friendly reminder that if you type it, you said it. In our modern world of texting, emails and social media we can often be much bolder sitting alone behind a screen than we would be face to face.

Sometimes it can even feel like a good idea to get the last word in a conversation through a text or email… that is NEVER a good idea. Let’s be brave enough to have the real tough conversations face to face.

And here’s my best advice for those moments when you think you want to give someone a piece of your mind through technology…

Type the message into your notes.
Sleep on it.
Pray about it.
Then if you still need to send it go ahead. But more often than not I just delete it and let it go.

Have you ever sent something in a text or email and regretted it?

How can you put measures in place in your life so that never happens again?